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I love photography. I also love creative photography. That said, it’s my hope every photo does it’s job; tell a story. 


I have been taking pictures for all my life. My grandfather was an amateur photographer with a darkroom in the basement of his house. And my father was brave enough to let me hold his camera and take pictures even though I was young enough to break his favorite piece of equipment.


For over 25 years I have travelled around the world and had the privilege of being in very special places and taking pictures of very special people.


Along with this I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of events that happen at home. Weddings. Births. The soon to be graduate. Each one is unique and I approach every shoot with new ideas.


Take a look around this site as if you were opening the pages of a photo album.


And remember, I am a camera for hire. Use me. Let me capture the moment for you so that days and even years later you look and say, “That was a beautiful moment.”


I’m here. And my camera is ready and even waiting.


Thanks! Message sent.

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